SaveGame Manager GX r118 : gestionnaire de sauvegardes *MAJ 2*

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Wii / Wii U
SaveGame Manager GX r118 : gestionnaire de sauvegardes *MAJ 2*

Développé par dj_skual, SaveGame Manager est un utilitaire pour votre Wii permettant de gérer vos sauvegardes de jeux (installation/extraction). Ce soft est doté d'une interface basée sur le LibWiiGui de Tantric, les sources de SaveGame Manager 1.5 de Waninkoko, de WiiXplorer de Dimok & r-win, et les artworks venant de UsbLoaderGx de cyrex & NeoRame. Voici les détails de cette nouvelle révision :


r118 : 



* Removed buggy focus system completely (it was never working correct)

* Added support to control screen pointer with gc pad, nunchuk or classic

controller. you are always able to control as long as the corresponding wii

control does not point to the screen (e.g. wiimote 1 not pointing to screen ->

gcpad/nunchuk/classic controller 1 can control pointer 1). A speed factor is

added to the gui option (thx dimok)

* Added Numpad text theme and is applied with keyboard theme entries

* Added flush of homebrew memory before launching app_booter



r117 :


* Added Data.bin extraction (official nintendo format) from nand to storage device only if the app

is running under real nand.

* Added custom path to selected where must be extracted your data.bin by default


* Added Keys class to find some Wii keys

* Changed the animation behavior of icons (thanks antidote)

* Some little changes in fileops, DirList and IosLoader::GetIosInfo()

* Fixed false loading of custom dip module on d2x cIOS (thx dimok)

* Converted all ogg sounds from 44.1 khz to 48 khz (thx dimok)

* Fixed bad memory deallocation in data.bin fonctions to avoid corrupted datas


* Added libseeprom (a library that provides filesystem access to the Wii's SEEPROM)

* Added libotp (a library that provides filesystem access to the Wii's OTP)

* Updated libext2fs to 1.0.4 r19



**MAJ 21/01/2012** : par gerome5


Changelog : SaveGame Manager GX rev119


Added Class Nand and Class Tools

* Reworked lot of fonctions to use those new classes

* Reworked old mii_installer fonction as a new class Mii

* Fixed Random freeze while browsing save on

* Fixed browser's freeze if no mii or savegame are installed in the nand

* Lot of sources changes, clean and sort

* Added a Mii::FixDB() fonction on startup (fix Facelib file and miichannel's


1) On Real Nand:

* If Facelib datas are corrupted, the app will fix the file, but all miis will be loses

* If the MiiChannel's datas are set to ask to begin with create a mii, the app will fix datas to avoid this problem. You can now install Miis from my app before use the MiiChannel and never have to create a new Mii


2) On Emulated Nand (uneek):

* If Facelib are not installed, the app will install this one.

You can now manage Miis without a MiiChannel installed. Nice for games like Mario Kart...

* If the MiiChannel is installed and datas are not installed or

with bad set, the app will create and fix datas.

3) The app need a mii_db.bin file to fix FaceLib, there are 2 ways:

* If your wii is not connected to internet, download on google

site and copy the file in your config folder (http://savegame-mana...file/mii_db.bin)

* If your wii is connected to internet, the mii_db.bin file is not found on storage device and the app is set to auto_connect, the app will download the file.


**MAJ 08/02/2012** : par afnan


Changelog SaveGame Manager GX r120 :


- Changed the Taskbar layout
- Added USB HDD multipartition support
- Fixed Mii::Fix_DB() problem if the 3ds transfert fonction is enabled
- Added a prompt to enable the 3DS transfert while Mii::Fix_DB()
- Fixed bug in aiff sound playback (thx dimok)
- Moved Mem2_Init() after video init
- Changed NEEK running detection

- Added libuneekfs 1.0.6 (thx odbc)
Mardi 10 Janvier 2012, 20:24 par gerome5
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10 janvier 2012, 21:13
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merci pour ce petit soft
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10 janvier 2012, 21:14
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Et une petite MAJ pour le meilleur gestionnaire de sauvegardes sur Wii !
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10 janvier 2012, 21:40
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perso je n arrive pas a importé sauvegarde de zelda fait sur dolphin quelqu un une soluce merci :)
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10 janvier 2012, 22:17
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merci pour la maj
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10 janvier 2012, 22:19
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11 janvier 2012, 09:48
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11 janvier 2012, 20:49
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