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[XB360] Aurora 0.7b enfin disponible

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Nos amis sunriseurs Stunty999 et Pilip75 nous informent que la Team Phoenix a mis à jour le superbe Dashboard Aurora qui passe maintenant en 0.7b ! Voila plus d'un an que la Team n'avait pas publié une nouveauté pour la Microsoft Xbox 360. 
Au programme des nouveautés, la nouvelle version qui avait été teasée il y a donc plus d'un an, apporte de nombreuses corrections de bugs, de nouvelles fonctionnalités, et de grandes améliorations. Le changelog est impressionnant, on retrouve des correctifs mais également NOVA.
Cette version v0.7b est disponible en package mais aussi via l'updater d'Aurora 0.6b si vous l'aviez déjà installé. Comme le précise Stunty999, l'interface n'est proposée qu'en anglais, allemand, turc et néerlandais.
On retrouve de nouveaux avatars, des nouvelles fonctions Skinning (Paramètres QuickView, Avatars, Vidéo, etc.), le Plugin Freestyle a été rebaptisé / remplacé par NOVA disposant d'une nouvelle interface web. 
L'une des plus grosses améliorations est aussi l'ajout d'un panneau profil qui montre le disque inséré et qui rajoute des options pour afficher plus de détails, afficher des informations sur le disque ou sur le profil si aucun disque n'est présent.

Changelog :
(Added) libmicrohttpd 0.9.52 library to SVN
(Updated) Libmicrohttpd to support System Sockets on Xbox360
(Updated) Nova to be loadable by Aurora
(Updated) Aurora to load Nova.xex (FSPlugin Rebrand).
(Removed) All references to Freestyle Plugin
(Updated) Nova LOG message for incorrect Aurora version
(Updated) Nova and libmicro for system threaded httpD
(Updated) WebUI to utilize JSON WebTokens instead of Basic authorization
(Updated) Error files to utilize Nova Branding.
(Deleted) Error files 304 and 503. Are not used.
(Updated) Error handling for all GET requests
(Updated) Error handling for all POST requests
(Added) Error files for 400, 424, 429 and 501
(Added) postAuthenticate JSON template to the WebUI folder
(Added) HTTP Error Code 409 to the html error templates
(Updated) POST Handlers for all HTTP API Calls
(Added) DELETE Handlers for HTTP API Calls
(Added) Token transfer system exports to be used in Launchers
(Added) New NOVA (FSP Rebrand) Support into Aurora with updated exports
(Added) Nova HTTP Server Security Key synchronization
(Added) DvdTrayState and DvdMediaType enums to enums.lua
(Added) 'Disc' filter to the list of available content filters
(Added) DiscTitle flag to available ContentFlags in enums.lua
(Added) DVD Lua Library to scripting engine enabling opening and closing of tray, getting current tray state and media info. DVD Lua library has been grouped into the FileSystem permission set.
(Added) Disc support to QuickBrowser dialog
(Added) DVD content handling system in Content Manager to allow more advanced handling of disc titles inserted into the DVD Drive.
(Updated) The storage manager CDROM device to use a hardcoded serial string instead of calculating it every boot.
(Fixed) A HTTP Download error message that occurs when trying to rename the .dl file
(Updated) Database schema to version 3 and added a new DvdCache table for holding cached DVD titles
(Added) DvdCase case artwork for DVD titles. The case is red.
(Updated) QuickBrowse to reflect disc games in the QuickBrowser with a icons.
(Updated) Utility Scripts to utilize a 'mininumAuroraVersion' variable to allow future scripts to dictate which version of Aurora they need to properly run (due to missing or new API usage).
(Added) New QuickView Icon for 'Disc' game type (both predefined and additional options)
(Fixed) Bug where gamelist would change focus upon adding or updating content in a specific scenarios
(Updated) The communication protocol for disc game insertion / removal and how it communicates with XUI.
(Fixed) Bug in ScnGizmoUI that creates undefined behavior if the ClassOverride was not properly provided by Script author
(Fixed) Bug where changing profile state would not properly dismiss the GameOptions->background scene
(Added) Avatar Rendering support including custom XuiControl called XuiAvatarPresenter (will required custom XML Extensions)
(Added) Icons and Placeholder artwork for XuiAvatarPresenter
(Fixed) 16 thread related memory leaks!
(Added) DVD Profile Scene code.
(Changed) Aurora_Main button controls from XuiNavButton to XuiButton to fix minor navigation issues.
(Fixed) Issue related to navigating backwards from Game Details scene
(Added) Support to configure the QuickView trigger buttons dynamically, instead of being hardcoded to LB and RB.
(Added) More DVDProfile Panel functionality
(Added) AvatarProfile thumbnail settings
(Updated) DiscState code and ProfileDVD UI Handling methods
(Updated) Aurora_Main to hide the profile panel when leaving the main scene
(Added) Ability to hide ProfileDVDPanel if the setting is set to FALSE
(Added) Added Hold-to-Launch and Hold-to-Options buttons in DVD Panel
(Added) Support for VideoDVDs and downloading Metadata/Artwork from internet
(Fixed) Launching Code from Main Scene
(Fixed) Issue where DVD ContentScan would not pick up a 2nd xbox game after one has been added to the database already
(Updated) XuiBrushControl to be more generic in function naming
(Updated) XUI layout of SaveGames scene for save game manager
(Updated) ContentWorker to have a dedicated DVD path queue to allow DVD paths to have higher priority than normal content
(Added) More logging to the Content Scan process to help with testing
(Removed) An old content loop in the ContentCallback class that was slowing down the adding process. (old code)
(Updated) DVDMonitor to spawn a fake trigger thread AFTER the ContentManager is loaded
(Added) Borders to ProfilePicture and DiscIcon visuals
(Updated) Saved Game Manager
(Updated) DVD Monitor class for first trigger
(Added) XamProfileOpen and XamProfileClose to xkelib
(Updated) The LuaInterface methods to be more generic to work within internal code as well
(Added) Alternate Constructors for Keyboard, Msgbox, and Passcode Task Actions
(Updated) SavedGameUpdater class to better handle error states
(Updated) ProfileState Data to correctly retrieve AchievementsEarned and not TitlesPlayed
(Updated) Saved Game Manager to correctly move saves when the DELETE permission is not enabled
(Fixed) Issue where Nova/FSP plugin settings wouldn't apply unless the plugin was reloaded.
(Added) DiscIndictator to the main screen (supports games with up to 5 discs )
(Added) DiscIndicator code to Main Scene
(Removed) DVD Button and Module List stuff from SystemTools scene (obsolete)
(Added) Support for scripts to use an alternate XL scene size in the LuaGizmo library. Used by calling hGizmo:SetXLScene(true); prior to hGizmo:InvokeUI(...);
(Updated) LuaLibrary code to separate 0.6API from future API versions
(Added) Http.GetEx and Http.PostEx methods to the LuaHttp library to allow optional download progress callbacks
(Added) TemperatureGraph class with skeleton framework
(Updated) DVDProfile Panel with final artwork, layout and localizations
(Updated) XuiAvatarPresenter to use LINEAR texture filtering instead of POINT to soften edges
(Updated) DVDPanel to correctly respond to updated GAMEICONS
(Added) Support for downloading CD Audio Covers and Metadata from Microsoft
(Removed) Unnecessary debug messages from constructors and destructors of IStateData
(Updated) Debug messages to utilize WARNING tag instead of ERROR when not a critical issue
(Fixed) Content Manager / SQL database writing error for DVD Titles
(Added) TitleSpecific Settings XUI scene for TitleSpecific Settings in Game Options
(Removed) Unused code and comments from ScnApplication class used during testing
(Changed) Moved CoverFlow down 25px because of Disc/Profile panel (#798)
(Updated) Quickview to utilize the XuiAnimEvent control to fix the glitch that occurs when tabbing too fast through quick views
(Updated) QuickView scene to remove hardcoded 5-tabs and instead made configurable via TabCount field (min: 3, max: 9), allowing skin creators to show more than 3 quickviews on screen at a time with out graphic glitches.
(Replace) XuiAnimEvent with XuiTabEvent to properly trigger the update function
(Updated) Aurora_QuickView for organization
(Fixed) Issue where QUICKVIEW icon would not save if copying and using a Built In Icon.
(Fixed) XUI Navigation issue in the ScnQuickViewConfigUI.
(Updated) The way Compressed Skins are processed to allow them to be deleted within the Skin Manager
(Removed) SetFileCache call from looped function to minimize HDD access calls
(Updated) Temperature Graph with final localizations
(Added) Settings to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit
(Added) Skeleton code for ProfileSelector
(Fixed) Temperature graph when changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit
(Added) RunLuaOnBoot setting as an additional security option.
(Updated) LocaleManager to use key-based locale look ups to avoid missing key crashes. Missing keys should show up as -=# BAD STRING #=-.
(Updated) GameSubtitles to a ScnPopupUI.
(Updated) ScnPopupUI to support listening to ContentUpdated messages
(Removed) Game_Options_Subtitles.xui (deprecated)
(Removed) Game_Options_Covers.xui (not used)
(Added) Alternate Build ContentTable method in the Content Scripts
(Updated) ExecuteSubtitleFunction method to use new BuildContentTable method
(Fixed) Crash related to quickview Enter_Tab method
(Updated) RunLuaOnBoot setting visual
(Updated) Changed Detected in security settings per design revisions
(Added) Handle "Play" button of media remote for launching Video and Audio discs (#841)
(Added) GetPartitionFreeSpace, GetPartitionUsedSpace and GetPartitionSize to the FileSystem LUA library
(Added) Title Specific Settings framework in Database, SettingManager, ContentManager and GameContentManager
(Added) XUI file and XUI Class framework for Title Specific Settings Front End.
(Added) Title Settings to Launch Menu in Game Options (Third Icon to the Left)
(Added) Game_Options_TitleSettings scene to allow configuration of title specific settings
(Updated) Title Specific Settings implementation with more progress
(Fixed) Issue where DVD/Profile panel would popup when cycling through games from within game options.
(Removed) references located in the SystemLink module comments
(Updated) Error message string that contained to
(Updated) Title Specific Settings to apply settings on game launch
(Fixed) Issue where scanning new games or refreshing games in Aurora 0.6 would cause the link supported flag to always be false.
(Added) SkinXMLReader method to get settings in WCHAR format
(Added) Custom DeviceSelectorUI to allow finer control over device select options
(Updated) SavedGame Options to utilize new DeviceSelectorUI
(Added) Added DeviceSelector icons to skin
(Updated) ProfileSelectorUI to match latest design
(Updated) SavedGameManager to use ProfileSelectorUI instead of only working with signed in profile
(Updated) DeviceSelectorUI to respond StorageDevicesChanged messages
(Fixed) Issue with the enable button needing to be hit twice to work for TitleSettings
(Removed) Left over artwork from Aurora_Main
(Updated) TitleUpdate scene to use Aurora DeviceSelector
(Updated) PrepareForMultiDiscLaunch to use new priority system for selecting games. (ScanPath > DeviceId > Fixed > Removable > ConnectX)
(Fixed) Spelling error in localization for Device and Profile selector title strings
(Updated) Script.ShowPopupList() LUA method to support ProfileSelector (Type 5) and DeviceSelector (Type 6)
(Updated) Script.ShowPopupList to use user defined title and empty text instead of hardcoded text
(Fixed) Issue with NOVA Plugin crashing on RSS Feed display when no feeds were available
(Fixed) Issue where content wouldn't launch from FileBrowser - (kernel changed????)
(Updated) NOVA HomeTabSignedIn and HomeTabSignedOut to reflect Aurora instead of FSD
(Fixed) Crash when UPNP Search Handle fails to create. May be related to having SMB dll active....
(Fixed) Issue causing FileManager to skip empty folders when performing a PASTE operation
(Updated) Device Selector Icons to new format (still too large)
(Fixed) Flag check in DDSImage class to prevent some DDS images from registering for conversation properly
(Disabled) Support for 0x7 and 0x6 texture formats for XBE game icons to fix crashing
(Updated) Device Selector Icons with smaller images (improves framerate)
(Fixed) Issue with FileManager copying empty folders present in the root of a copy
(Added) New User Settings for Wallpaper RGB Color Factor and Time Scale
(Added) New Shader variables to support new user specific Wallpaper settings
(Fixed) Skin issue where Verify Link was still referencing Freestyle Plugin
(Updated) NOVA plugin version to match that of Aurora's
(Added) Background Animation Customization Scene
(Added) New variables to the WallpaperShader.fx and updated CBkgShader class
(Fixed) Issue in ConnectXDrive that wouldn't apply the Remote PC or Share name to the System Path string
(Fixed) Typo in ConnectX Drive
(Added) Profile Change handling in theme Scene
(Updated) Up and Down navigation from the Configure button in Theme tab
(Changed) Configure button to 'Customize'
(Updated) Background animation shader to something that is periodic over long periods of time (the old shader broke if app runtime was long)
(Added) Skeleton code for screensaver function (FUTURE)
(Added) XuiHTML libraries - enabling support in Aurora Skins as well as LUA Gizmos
(Updated) The way XUIVideo registers to try and fix (need testing)
(Fixed) Issue wtih LuaHTML library causing undefined behavior in GetEx and PostEx functions
(Moved) main.lua to User/Scripts/Main.lua
(Updated) LocaleManager to prevent LanguagePacks from being used that were created with index based strings. Will now fail gracefully.
(Added) XBLA Patching and License Patching to the Title Specific Settings configuration scene
(Updated) DashLaunch module class to streamline the addition of future options
(Added) RSSFeed Support to Aurora
(Added) RSSFeed enable button to View Scene
(Added) RSSFeedEnabled, RSSFeedSpeed and RSSFeedMaxItems settings to SettingManager
(Added) Default RSSFeed for RealModScene - Scene News
(Fixed) Issue with stripping HTML code from RSS Feeds
(Added) Helper method to support stripping HTML code from wstrings
(Added) New LUA functions to the LuaSettings class ( Settings.AddRSSFeed, Settings.DeleteRSSFeed, Settings.UpdateRSSFeed )
(Added) Restraint to the MaxItems setting, requiring it to be 1 or larger
(Fixed) Bug in RSSFeed Setting object preventing remote modules to add RSS feeds properly
(Added) Fade masks to left and right side of RSS Feed Scroller
(Fixed) Issue with Settings.DeleteRSSFeed and Settings.UpdateRSSFeed
(Added) New LUA methods for retrieving existing RSS Feeds (Settings.GetRSSFeeds and Settings.GetRSSFeedById)
(Fixed) Button visuals representing Disabled Blur as #dddddd when it should have been #aaaaaa
(Fixed) Button visuals representing NormalSelDisabled as #dddddd when it should have been #444444
(Updated) Wallpaper Theme/Shader to be skin / shader specific.
(Updated) About Scene to include felida and gavin
(Updated) WallpaperShader.fx to clean up and comment code
(Remove) XboxInvaders EasterEgg from Aurora (reduce overall file size)
(Added) Support for the profile-switched callback in the Profile Panel
(Fixed) Bug related to using more than one XuiAvatarRenderer control at a time
(Added) Support for under-the-hood Profile Login and Logout directly from Aurora and not using HUD or Signin.xex
(Added) Additional methods to the LuaProfile library including Profile.Login and Profile.Logout
(Fixed) Issue where RSS Feed wouldn't apply enabled state settings at boot
(Updated) NXEART processing to take custom fields like nxecover and nxebanner
(Added) Profile Boot options including 'Select at Boot' and 'AutoSignIn'
(Added) More information and functionality to the DashLaunch module scene in Settings
(Fixed) Issue where Animation Configuration button wouldn't disable when Override Defaults was selected
(Added) Updated the Script Lua library to allow script to ask for passcode, and passcode entered be returned. (Script.ShowPasscodeEx)
(Fixed) DashLaunch Config App Launching
(Fixed) DashLaunch settings not being correct
(Fixed) Crash related to profile string conversion
(Updated) ProfilePopup to recheck cache on refresh - to capture profiles created in minihud
(Updated) Version information
(Fixed) Issue where FileManager would not be dismissed when changing GameDetails was dismissed
(Added) Framework code for upcoming DiscInstaller feature
(Fixed) Issue where Subtitle Selection PopupList was not able to be localized
(Fixed) Issue where disc status wouldn't update if there was no network detected
(Fixed) Issue where unrecognized disk, unrecognized audio and unrecognized video would not localize
(Fixed) Changes Detected visual in Security Settings appearing in the wrong place.
(Removed) DbgPrint for HTTP password and JWTs in Release mode
(Fixed) LuaXuiSlider SetStep and SetValue being swapped in functionality
(Added) EnableTabbing functionality to XamXuiApp
(Updated) FtpTools to start up the FtpServer at boot
(Added) Additional ContentExtractor functionality
(Added) Authentication requirement to additional API routes
(Renamed) HTTPD thread in Nova
(Fixed) Some Crashes with String Pointers
(Fixed) Crash when unloading Nova
(Updated) Timeout Interval to make it feel more responsive
(Added) mbedTLS library files
(Added) Support for PUT, PATCH, DELETE and OPTIONS request Methods
(Updated) HttpEndpoint to remove references to PostVars and changed them to FormData
(Added) Base framework for HTTP Cookie support
(Added) Basic 'Session' Cookie Support
(Renamed) HTTPEndpoint class
(Added) Persistent cookie support
(Added) Encrypted Cookie Support
(Cleaned) Up some memory leaking from CookieJar setting
(Added) Support for HTTPS
(Updated) memorybuffer.print_buffer method to print to stdout in blocks of 1024 chars.
(Removed) Dependency on ATG::XHTTP for the basis of the Aurora HTTP client
(Added) mbedTLS library to code base
(Added) Custom coded Aurora HTTP/1.1 Client with HTTPS, encrypted or unencrypted cookies, chunked-encoding support
(Added) Support for additional request verbs PUT, PATCH, HEAD, DELETE and OPTIONS
(Added) Support for different input types including FormData, UrlEncodedFormData, Multipart/Form-data, and raw data
(Added) Custom 'X-Content-Md5' header checking to allow server to send a MD5 Hash of download to be verify by client.
(Added) TitleUpdate download integrity checking using the X-Content-Md5 feature
(Updated) Method that Aurora receives download responses by separating the response from the endpoint- completely
(Removed) Remnants of old XHTTP endpoint and management code
(Restored) HTTP Priority functionality to the HTTP Manager class
(Fixed) HTTP Logging to use the logging class
(Updated) RSS Feed to pull in HTTPS url instead of the HTTP url that broke with server changes
(Updated) The aurora version macros to only require a single change instead of changing in multiple locations
(Added) HTTP Response Code 204 for /achievement and /achievement/player when no achievements are available for the given title
(Updated) The MultiDiscEngine code to reset the stored data when the title changes and the title id doesn't match the current title
(Fixed) Issue with CPU key not being displayed correctly using the /system HTTP request.
(Fixed) Typo in the AudioDisc Metadata URL
(Added) White space trimming support to URI parsing so that url can be properly parsed.
(Fixed) Issue where 204 NO CONTENT response was failing due to missing dependency
(Updated) /multidiscinfo to return 204 when a game has 1 or 0 disks.
(Added) GET Request '/smc' to HTTP server to allow user to get specific SMC related information
(Added) SITE NOVA command to FTP Server class
(Added) SITE NOVA Command to FtpDLL
(Fixed) Issue with SITE NOVA command
(Fixed) SIZE command not working properly in FtpDll
(Added) TitleChange detection to the /update HTTP call
(Added) New XUI extension called XuiMarqueePresenter to allow horizontally scrolling text (skinnable XUI component)
(Updated) SavedGame List and Achievements List to use Marquee Presenter to scroll extra long text fields when list item has focus
(Added) NOVA command with description to the 'HELP SITE' FTP command
(Updated) NovaPlugin Module settings scene to update load/unload button when the plugin changes its load state in the background (FTPCommand SITE NOVA)
(Updated) Wallpaper shader effect to allow the shader to set the maximum effect value
(Updated) The Wallpaper shader to set the max effect to 5 due to frame rate degradation.
(Fixed) range calculation in Wallpaper shader
(Fixed) Animation preview glitch occurring when overscan settings are used.
(Fixed) Focus loss when pressing Left Trigger in Overscan scene
(Added) Lua Support for XuiHtmlElements and XuiHtmlControls in Gizmo scenes
(Added) XuiVideoPresenter control (WIP)
(Added) SetTextColor and SetDropShadowColor to the XuiObject.Text element for LUA scripting
(Updated) HttpManager to handle Canceled state properly
(Fixed) Issue where HttManager would not finalize MD5 when HTTP request is canceled or an error occurs
(Updated) TitleUpdateManager to force the requirement of MD5 hash checking; requires xboxunity to implement X-Content-Md5 custom header
(Fixed) TitleUpdateManager not properly handled the cancel or error state
(Updated) HTTP Manager logging to Info type instead of Error type
(Updated) ContentManager to verify MD5 hash of boxart prior to accepting download as successful
(Updated) HttpEndpoint to track RenameFailed state
(Updated) LuaHttpLib to handle rename failed state
(Updated) LuaHttpLib to handle all status codes and allow the Lua script to determine what is invalid
(Fixed) Issue where POST/DELETE requests was replying with empty string in body instead of no body.
(Added) Notification for failed TU hash checks
(Fixed) Issue with new HTTP system in lua
(Updated) UpdateNotification calls to track with change counter instead of boolean to fix multi-session issues.
(Fixed) Achievement text display issue when a line break exists by replacing line breaks with spaces.
(Fixed) Issue in /achievement that was breaking json format due to unhandled special characters
(Updated) Achievement line break/carriage return replacement to use a zero width space character instead of two spaces.
(Removed) FSP WebUI
(Added) New NOVA WebUI
(Changed) Default wallpaper shader colors
(Changed) Version in SMC json template as string instead of number
(Changed) Hud 'developer' icon (LiNK)
(Added) Screencapture change notification on delete screencapture
(Fixed) Screencapture delete return NO CONTENT
(Added) Support for mime type SVG in NOVA
(Fixed) Some comments and logs (spelling)
(Removed) FSD/JQE360 references in comments
(Changed) Nova WebUI api number
(Changed) Sort method "Title Name" to sort on Title Name, Root (ConnectX last), Disc Number
(Added) saywaking in about
(Fixed) WebUI menu, notes, boxart and screenshots not showing in Internet Explorer
(Fixed) Issue causing the screenshot button combo to not save when modifying the 'Trigger' button.
(Added) NTPNumRetries and NTPRetryInterval settings to database.
(Updated) NTP class to retry the specified number of times. (Database only setting)
(Added) Retry capability to the GameList download. Will try up to 3 additional times before failing completely. (Hard coded).
(Added) New Coverflow Layout 'Mininmal' which allows wallpapers to be appreciated more.
(Updated) HTTPManager to not crash when no internet connection is provided
(Added) 'No Network' log messages to a couple of critical locations
(Fixed) Bug in GameOptions scene that kept the Trainers scene from opening
(Fixed) Bug in notification pop up for failed Title Update downloads.
(Added) Custom header to http requests to determine if security is enabled or not.
(Fixed) Issue related to SystemLink HUD menu not working on fresh install
(Fixed) QuickView UI not opening to the current view
(Fixed) Added X-Security-Enabled header to ALL responses in NOVA api
(Fixed) Handle X-Security-Enabled properly in WebUI #949
(Fixed) Error on webui logout when a screencapture was selected
(Fixed) screencapture size in IE (webui) #950
(Updated) SavedGameUpdater message box button text to "OK" instead of "Ok"
(Updated) VerifyLinkUI Plugin Loaded text to "NOVA Loaded" instead of "Nova Loaded"
(Updated) NTP Client methods to more modern code and error reporting
(Removed) Dummy strings from Aurora_Main



MD5: A20738C7D380514A9231B1FB44155EC2 
SHA1: 51F52BC37808AB0BA8D1EDB877EC00FEA69C96F9 
SHA-256: A12C4A7684D0DE2A6E63AFB5C5E09F1F82F41D7CC515BBD69C5F8C5FFB1E34A5 

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c'est une super bonne nouvelle, Merci pour la news

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Ah du vert ca faisait longtemps
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Ce changelog de ouf! =O
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Dommage j'ai plus ma xbox jtag
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Ouah de la news Xbox ! ! ! Mais je crois qu'il n'y en aura jamais pour la one

Flash en Bretagne, Pays de Lorient -----> ou http://www.logic-sun...360-guidel.html

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daf 05

daf 05


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merci pour la news.
merci de ne pas oublier les anciennes console.

ma chaine  http://www.dailymoti...oge#user_widget            
                                                                                                             réparation   vente     modification XBOX 360 ET PS3 CFW         ;)
                                                                                                                                                    06 89 08 76 73

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Hyndrid QC

Hyndrid QC

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Ouah de la news Xbox ! ! ! Mais je crois qu'il n'y en aura jamais pour la one

C'est a ne rien comprendre pourquoi il n'y a pas de hack sur la xbox one est t'elle si blinder coté sécurité ?

Signatur éditée : Les publicités et liens vers des sites extérieurs sont interdits. Re-lire la charte

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Ouah de la news Xbox ! ! ! Mais je crois qu'il n'y en aura jamais pour la one

C'est a ne rien comprendre pourquoi il n'y a pas de hack sur la xbox one est t'elle si blinder coté sécurité ?

Je me pose cette question aussi!!! La 360 et son jtag/glitch sur one serait top

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Ouah de la news Xbox ! ! ! Mais je crois qu'il n'y en aura jamais pour la one

C'est a ne rien comprendre pourquoi il n'y a pas de hack sur la xbox one est t'elle si blinder coté sécurité ?

Je me pose cette question aussi!!! La 360 et son jtag/glitch sur one serait top

Si si ça existe le hhack sur la one
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Houla et moi qui suit toujours sur FSD, est-ce que LiNK est intégré dans Aurora? Car c'est bien pratique pour jouer en ligne, même si il y'a pas beaucoup de joueurs de nos jours...

Ouah de la news Xbox ! ! ! Mais je crois qu'il n'y en aura jamais pour la one

C'est a ne rien comprendre pourquoi il n'y a pas de hack sur la xbox one est t'elle si blinder coté sécurité ?

Je me pose cette question aussi!!! La 360 et son jtag/glitch sur one serait top

Si si ça existe le hhack sur la one

Les news qu'on a eu c'est que la Team Xecuter travail sur un truc qui doit sortir cette année ou peut être l'an prochain, j'avais aussi eu des echos comme quoi des équipes bossaient sur le mode developpeur pour bidouiller le registre, il y'a aussi eu une faille dans Edge qui exposait un peu la One a un moment mais la news la plus récente que j'ai eu vient d'un ami qui m'a dit que les One original sur la rs2 avaient une vulnérabilité, j'ai aussi vu sur GBATemp un mec qui avait mis au point une astuce pour "bloquer" virtuellement un disque dans la console et donc pouvoir jouer a un jeux sans le disque mais ça ne fonctionne qu'avec un disque a la fois...

C'est tout ce que j'ai pu trouver sur le hack de la One et pourtant je suis constament a la recherche d'infos car j'ai acheté cette console pour le hack et pour Halo...

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Merci pour cette superbe maj :)

Modification/Réparation dans le 59

[Softmod Xbox] [Hack Jtag/Puce Glitch/Xkey Xbox 360]

[Puce PS1][Softmod PS2] [Jailbreak/CFW/ODE PS3]

[Sofmod Wii/Wii U] [Config Retrogaming PC/Raspberry]


>> Consulter mes services

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Merci! le vert? longue vie à toi
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    Réparation et bidouillage


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Super nouvelle comme meme pour la 360, c'est rare que j'vois des news pour la 360 actuellement sur LS

Comment on fais pour mettre à jour Aurora?

Moi je l'ai acheter déja avec Aurora sur le bon coin la Xbox 360 Glitch Elite Noir avec la puce dans la console quand j'allume ma console mon menu c'est directement Aurora avec tout les backups et les émulateurs afficher directement et non le menu principal de la xbox 360

C'est pas mal, avec Aurora on peut changer la pochette, rajouter nos dlc, lancer directement nos backups 360 et XBOX 1er gen et nos émulateurs et jeux arcades xbla et homebrews qui sont dans le disque dur interne de ma console que j'ai copier via FTP avec FileZilla, mais dans tout sa je ne sais pas comment mettre un fond d'écran personnaliser... J'peux changer et mettre uniquement ce qui me propose et non mettre un fond d'écran perso c'est gênant...

Edit : Jflipe de la bricker jprefere la laisser comme sa XD

en + j'vois : " l'interface n'est proposée qu'en anglais, allemand, turc et néerlandais."

Alors que moi mon interface est actuellement en francais

J'me dis autant laisser comme sa peut-être...

Et Après qu'est-ce qui change dans cette mise a jour clairement? J'aimerai le savoir


Donc 3 hack possible sur la 360 que je connaisse :

1. Glitch hack jtag = console modifier à l'aide d'une puce. Tous comme le jtag le glitch vous permet de lancer les backup des jeux xbox 360 et xbox 1er gen, jeux d'arcades xbla, extension de jeux dlc, émulateurs, homebrew depuis le disque dur de la console ou depuis un périphérique externe. Mais pas d'accès au xbox live

2. Le Xkey = boitier permanent de lancer les jeux téléchargés depuis un disque dur. -> accès au Xbox Live (mais pas d'acces aux emulateurs et homebrews)

3. Flash du lecteur: permet de lire les jeux gravés

Moi j'ai bien la 1.

Bonne journée, bonne soirée a tous :P

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@inconnux normalement pour le mettre a jour tu a une case ou un rectangle mise à jour dans les paramètres de aurora si tu et connecter à internet avec ta console tu devrais pouvoir le mettre a jour direct

Pour ce qui et du fond d'écran je te conseil de chercher par ftp ou directement depuis aurora le dossier d'aurora si tu n'a pas d'option de fond d'écran personnalisé tu prend les image de fond d'écran d'aurora tu regarde bien comment elle sont Nommés garde les quand même dans ton pc on sait jamais puis tu les efface dans ta console tu prend ta photo tu la met dans aurora et tu la renomme exactement pareil que le fond d'écran d origine ça devrais fonctionner normalement j'ai jamais essayer mais je sait avec ma première Xbox je le faisait pour le dashbord et ça fonctionner :)

Modifié par Boukaki76, 24 mai 2018 - 00:58.

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Pour info c'est mon avis mais aurora reste le meilleur dash d'une part on vois avec aujourd hui qu'il et encore mise à jour mais en plus de ça pour les jaquette des jeux ya pas plus facile car y'a le fresstyle dash avec le thème du dash d origine des dernière version en mieux c'est vrai qu'il et sympa mais pour les pochette de jeux c'est une galère tu doit les mettre manuellement donc c'est moins plaisant

Modifié par Boukaki76, 24 mai 2018 - 01:01.

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alors qu'avec fsd les jaquettes se mettaient a jour toute seul :)

bref je ressortirai pas ma 360 dual nand rien que pour ca ^^

merci pour l'info :)

Flash tout lecteurs xbox360 (sauf liteon 1175 et hitachi 0500/0502 ) dans le 50 a mon domicile ou par correspondance.

Pose le glitch sur Slim .

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HS : Je suis désolé, l'intervention ne concerne pas du tout la news mais s'il vous plaît, arrêtez avec vos "comme même" ... Les fautes etc , pas de soucis mais là non c'est à vomir! Fin du HS

The Sun Is Gone but I Have A Light
~ Kurt D. Cobain 1967-1994 ~

Vous aimez la musique qui décolle la cage à miel? Rdv sur !

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Debut hs "D'accord avec toi Nalayah ca pique les yeux" fin hs
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