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31 décembre 2019 - 19:04

Hi everyone, I recently looked at the PS4 support pack that was for Unity 2017. I tell myself that it would be nice to have them on Unity 2018 so I searched a little bit and here are the packs that will allow to compile a game made under Unity on almost all home consoles I do not provide any SDK so if Unity gives you errors related to that moviebox you will have to look for yourself If you want to install only one version of Unity, I would recommends version 2018.2.0 Beta 3 which is supported for PS4 / Xbox One & Switch. Pastebin link with all links: [url = ""] [/ url] :) ;)

I will not reveal my method to get all these links, but know that I can not have the support pack for the same version for each console.
I hope it will help some people.

To be able to compile for 5.05 with SDK 4.50 you have to edit the file sdk_version.h and you replace the version value with 0x05008051u and replace the official tools with Fake PKG Generator tools v3.12

PS software : Ah and mods, I knew not where to post this topic since it is for several consoles, so please move it if necessary.

Regards, D57R.



Thank you for this information.