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Téléchargez Xdvdmulleter Beta 8 Outil De Création De Backups

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Nouvelle version XDVDMulleter Beta 8 sortie par BadSheepy. XDVDMulleter est un outil de création/extraction/réparation de vos ISO sur Xbox et Xbox 360.

It is mainly just a quick release for stealth checking.
An extra option works now!: batch extraction. not well tested. But working.

XDVDMulleter will check every aspect of stealth on a disc and warn you of any difficulties.
To load from dvdr: on the loading screen, just select the dvdr tab and ensure raw mode reading is selected.

Stealth Checks:
* Checks PFI for valid data
* Checks PFI is a known pfi sector
* Checks video matches PFI data
* Checks Video is a known video partition
* Checks 2nd layer of video to check splitvid
* Checks DMI for 'XBOX' string (xbox 360 only)
* Checks SS matchs default.xex (xbox 360 only)
* Checks SS file for invalid hitachi SS

* Deletes all temp files upon end
* Bug opening dvds in raw mode fixed (I cant remember what bug though..)
* Shrink page reset each time, so no longer messes up on multiple isos
* Shrink page acts on a (virtual) copy of ISO, so back works properly
* XBE checking page doesnt recheck once its been done once
* Shrink page no longer auto crosslinks (because testing with gow took 20 minutes just for this step.. damn)
* Checks to see if video partition is empty but present
* Checks link between SS and default.xex to ensure you have the right SS file for the release
* Hardcoded iso values removed, instead offsets calculated from SS + PFI
* Inserts video directly into iso if partition exists (previously created new iso)
* Checks all files you insert into ISOs
* Extra stealth checking stuff i have forgotten about
* Log file logs actions for debugging etc
* Quick bugfix so unsplit Xbox1 Video files dont give split video error
* Extract is back, extract and replace files in an iso
* Batch extraction over FTP or to filesystem

Source is included, but dont expect anything pretty :-)
Thanks to all the people who tested, reported bugs, and sent feedback. Suggestions, bugs etc are still welcome :-)

Télécharger XDVDMulleter Beta 8

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