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Dans le sujet : [Switch] Tinfoil v1.56 bloque Kosmos/Hekate

19 mai 2019 - 10:23


update tinfoil 1.6.0

Dans le sujet : [Switch] Tinfoil et Lithium s'améliorent en v1.55 (maj)

04 mai 2019 - 17:06

tinfoil update 1.56

Tinfoil / Lithium v1.56

Release Notes

Tinfoil is for more advanced users, Lithium is more lightweight with less metadata.
Added XCI installation (does not work with Hekate / Kosmos unless you chainload fusee primary)
Added on-the-fly standard crypto install (does not work with Hekate / Kosmos unless you chainload fusee primary)
Standard crypto conversion hard drops minimum firmware requirement
Added socket.json for fine tuning socket settings
Added system firmware version check before installing
Fixed bug where Standard Crypto did not work on lower firmwares
Added google drive directory and file support
Added ability to delete USB location to prevent hang with USB cable connected
Fixed "Failed to register NCA" error that some people receieved with XCI installs
Plugging in USB cable wthout Nut no longer hangs Tinfoil
Added google drive paging support
Faster boot time
Added ability to reset minimum version nag (Thanks Amoo!)
Added eShop icon override for launching Tinfoil (Thanks TotlaJustice!)
Can login to account. Ability to setup locations, list your installed version, and queuing installs from the website coming soon!
Does not work with Kosmos

Dans le sujet : [Switch] Tinfoil et Lithium v1.52b disponibles

29 mars 2019 - 13:42


je vient de tester un .xci,il s'installe en revanche le jeux ne se lance pas surement mauvais .xci,je reterserais.

Dans le sujet : [Switch] 4NXCI v4.00 disponible

12 mars 2019 - 18:37


Ne pas oublier de joindre votre fichier "prod.txt" renommer en keys.dat, la conversion s'effectue en glisser /deposer .


Dans le sujet : [Switch] La TX à la peine concernant SX OS ?

11 mars 2019 - 22:07


sauf si ta version est OFW 7.0.1,fusible griller pas possible(e-fuses).