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Creating Custom Dynamic Theme (Retail Package)

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Posté 22 mars 2023 - 12:07



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Greetings community,


Is it possible to create your own dynamic theme, specifically as a retail package?

Maybe there is a way to obtain the theme files?

My console isn't hacked/jailbroken.

There is one theme i really really wish to have on my ps4, the FFXV Big Bang Theme.

It came with pre-ordering the game and there is no way to get it from ps store unfortunately, I talked with them.

To sum it up in a few words, they are trash for doing this... Please help.

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Posté 22 août 2023 - 13:47




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Hey there! Unfortunately, it's not possible to create your own dynamic theme as a retail package for the PS4. The theme files are not publicly available for users to obtain. If the FFXV Big Bang Theme is not available on the PlayStation Store, it may be exclusive to pre-orders and not obtainable through any other means. I understand your frustration, but there may not be a way to get that specific theme. Maybe you can find other cool themes that are available on the store. Keep exploring!
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