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[WiiU] Cemu 1.16.0d grand public disponible avec support Vulkan !

21 décembre 2019 - 10:20

Le développeur Exzap ainsi que son équipe ont officiellement publié la v1.16.0c qui supporte désormais l'API Vulkan (il suffit d'aller dans Options > Paramètres généraux > Graphismes et de changer le moteur en Vulkan).

Pour rappel, Vulkan est une API graphique moderne destinée au rendu haute performance. Les propriétaires de GPU AMD et Intel GPU peuvent s'attendre à une augmentation substantielle des performances par rapport à OpenGL. Nvidia a des performances OpenGL légèrement meilleures mais bénéficie toujours de bogues graphiques et d'une compilation plus rapide des shaders sous Vulkan.

Le changelog complet :

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.16.0d
# Patreon release date: 2019-12-13
# Public release date:  2019-12-20

# New in 1.16.0d:

general: Enabled auto-updater again

Vulkan: Always force full sync at GX2DrawDone() (accurate emulation of Wii U behavior)

# New in 1.16.0c (public release):

general: Fixed memory searcher tool not being enabled in the menu after launching a game

gfxPack: rules.txt can now specify a filter to selectively apply the whole graphic pack only for a specific vendor (vendorFilter=<amd/intel/mesa/nvidia>) or renderer (rendererFilter=<opengl/vulkan>)

OpenGL/Vulkan: Fixed channel order for R5G5B5A1 textures (fixes colors of Luigi sprites in Super Mario 3D World)

Vulkan: Fixed a bug that could cause polygon explosions under rare circumstances

# New in 1.16.0b:

Vulkan: Fixed transform feedback on Nvidia GPUs

# New in 1.16.0:

general: Added Vulkan renderer

general: Updated shader cache
         - The file name now uses the game's titleId instead of the internal RPX hash
         - Added zlib compression to reduce cache file size
         - Cross compatible and shared between OpenGL/Vulkan
         - Remains backwards compatible with pre-1.16.0 caches
         - Vulkan has an additional vendor-specific cache for Vulkan pipelines. The cache is stored at shaderCache/driver/vk/
           Be aware that an incomplete pipeline cache introduces stuttering despite already having a full shader cache
gfxPack: Introduced graphic packs version 4
         Adds shader replacement support for Vulkan
         Any pack that has not been updated for version 4 will show up with the indicator "may not be compatible with Vulkan"
         Existing version 3 packs *may* still work with Vulkan, enable them at your own risk

general: Gamelist now loads icons asynchronously
general: Added a migration assistent that will detect if DLC is installed at the legacy locations (used by Cemu 1.15.10 and earlier) and ask to move it to the correct folder
general: The graphic pack window will automatically filter for the currently running game
general: Fixed a bug where crashlogs would be omitted from log.txt because Cemu closed before the asynchronous log writer finished
general: Fixed 'dump WUD filesystem' option not dumping any files

Logiciel disponible sur leur site ici 

Une page est dispo avec des infos pour chaque type de GPU n'hésitez pas à la consulter ici