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[PSVita] Custom Themes Manager v4.0 disponible

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Posté 16 septembre 2018 - 10:17



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Le programmeur Red Squirrel vient de faire un travail énorme sur les évolutions apportées sur Custom Themes Manager destiné à la PSVita / TV. 
CTM va vous permettre de télécharger et d'installer des thèmes personnalisés directement depuis votre console, directement, sans même avoir besoin de passer par le navigateur.
Le changelog est tout simplement géant, on y retrouve de nombreuses corrections, des changements sur les aperçus, de nouvelles fonctions pour les mises à jour de thèmes, des nouvelles commandes pour accéder à des pages spécifiques, et tout cela a été compilé avec la dernière version disponible du VitaSDK.

Changelog  v4.00
First of all, let me to apologize with you: this v4.00 was ready since the introduction of the validation score in the online repository (this means since the end of October ^^') but unfortunately for several reasons and omissions on my part it has remained in oblivion until today. In the last months, then, I noticed again a significant increasement of the interest for custom themes (certainly due to the release of h-encore) in the online repository and so I remembered that there still was this v4.00 to be released and, well, what better time to release it if not now? And so here we are XD
Because it's been a long time since when I introduced the various changes, there may be something else I do not remember now, so please consider the following list just as a “summary” indication of the major new features in this v4.00 and have fun exploring the app to discover the other minor new features:
- Now after a (successfull) installation of a custom theme the application will return to the repository menu (and not to the main menu like in the previous version).
- Added a check at startup that will warn the user if the henkaku safe mode is enabled.
- Fixed a bug in the function to check for the available space before to extract the custom themes ZIP files.
- Changed the preview screen of the uninstallation menu, now the size value will appear together with custom theme's data (and not under the preview images like in the previous version).
- Changed and shortened the message in the cache menu screen.
- Added a new function to dump the current official theme in a folder (so as you can use it just as a normal custom theme in the future).
- Added a new function to set the partition to use for installations.
- Rewritten the general code to support other partitions besides ux0 (specifically ur0 and uma0).
- Added a function to save (and load at startup) the user's choices for partition to use and BGM playing status.
- Any opened footer (with commands list) will be closed automatically when the user returns to the main menu.
- Added a new function to check for new versions of the custom themes in the online repository.
- Added a new function to look for a match between the installed custom themes and those ones in the online repository (useful to check for any new version available for it).
- Added a new sort choice (by validation score) in the repository menu.
- Added the validation score inside the custom theme's data in the preview screen in the repository menu.
- Added a command to open the web browser to view the detailed validation report for any custom theme in the repository menu.
- Added a new function in the main menu that will open the theme settings, so that the user can now apply a theme directly from the app (without the need to go into the PSVita Settings menu manually).
- Fixed a bug with the view of the version value of the custom theme in the uninstallation menu.
- Added a new command to jump to a specific page in the repository menu.
- Now if the upgrade function of the app can not find Molecularshell installed then it will use Vitashell instead.
- Fixed a bug that did not allow to uninstall any custom theme with an apostrophe in its title.
- Added the possibility to import the preview images from the ux0:ctm folder instead to download them from the internet.
- Now if the application can not download the image previews then it will show a placeholder image at their place: thanks to this fix you'll can browse and download custom themes from the online repository even when imgur has issues.



Téléchargement : CTManager.vpk

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Posté 16 septembre 2018 - 11:14



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Merci c'est super sa


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Posté 16 septembre 2018 - 11:18



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waouh !! j'aime bien ça , merci au dev ...
tralala frappe fort avec les news hien cool , merci tralala ..
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Posté 16 septembre 2018 - 16:00




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Merci , un must have sur vita , merci redsquirrel et merci tralala pour la news.
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Posté 16 septembre 2018 - 18:00



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Merci bien
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Excellent, fonctionne très bien !
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