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Vu sur le forum de TX: We are very pleased to announce that we have fully decrypted CB_B and can now achieve a full RGH hack using a STOCK TX CoolRunner on slims with the 14717 dashboard even if they have no previous nand dump or CPU_KEY ! We are currently working on the Phat solution (as well as Slim Corona solution) - we already have the Jasper dual CB_B 6752 glitching !
févr. 22 2012 18:52
  • Photo de Myloo
    Je laisse aux newsers^^ ;)
    févr. 22 2012 20:50
  • Photo de modif-console83
    news refuser bref, ces vrai que la tx restais un peu distant
    févr. 22 2012 20:59
  • interessant, je suis pressé pour les corona...
    févr. 23 2012 15:17