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[WiiU] Cemu 1.20.1c disponible

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Posté 01 août 2020 - 14:08



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Le développeur ExZap nous propose la version 1.20.1c de Cemu, son objectif une nouvelle fois est de faire progresser son émulateur de Nintendo Wii U.
Cette version vient corriger certains bugs graphiques, corrige des bugs audio, et corrige certains petits bugs de stabilité. 

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.20.1c
# Patreon release date: 2020-07-24
# Public release date:  2020-07-31
# New in 1.20.1c:
Vulkan: Device creation should no longer fail on Intel GPUs
# New in 1.20.1b:
general: Fixed a recent regression where Cemu would not detect accounts anymore
OpenGL/Vulkan: Improved robustness of buffer cache and tweaked allocation strategy
               Crashes due to "Out-of-memory in GPU buffer" should be less frequent
OpenGL/Vulkan: Added support for triangles as input primitive in geometry shader
               Fixes invisible bubbles in Yoshi's Woolly World level 3-4 (#243)
OpenGL/Vulkan: Back stencil function now uses the correct register bitfield
               This fixes broken shadows in Wonderful 101
Vulkan: Further tweaks to Vulkan barriers which should fix some GPU-specific graphic issues
debugging/Vulkan: If a frame debugger is detected (e.g. Nsight or Renderdoc) then Cemu will provide debug names for textures and shaders
# New in 1.20.1:
general: Added additional safe-guards for online mode, previously Cemu could crash if online mode was only setup partially
general: Changing mlc path will also update quick account settings in the menu bar now
GX2: Fixed incorrect offset calculation in GX2PatchDisplayList()
     This resolves an issue in Yoshi's Woolly World where some objects would not render at all (#243)
OpenGL/Vulkan: Shaders which use FETCH4 or TEXTURESIZE instruction on 1D textures will no longer fail compilation
               Fixes more invisible geometry in Yoshi's Woolly world (#243)
OpenGL/Vulkan: Added burst count support for shader MEM_RING_WRITE instruction
               Used by geometry shaders in Yoshi's Woolly World (#243) and DKC Tropical Freeze (fixes polygon explosions from collectibles)
OpenGL/Vulkan: Added a workaround to compensate for minor differences in texture sampler behavior on some driver/hardware implementations
               This should fix shadows in Breath of the Wild on AMD and Intel GPUs
Vulkan: Internal tweaks for Vulkan barriers (vkCmdPipelineBarrier) used in buffer cache
        This *may* resolve some issues with flickering geometry on AMD and Intel GPUs
AX: Fixed AXQuit not properly resetting the internal voice lists
    This resolves issues in several games that would either crash or not play any sound at all (#372)
logging: Fixed incorrect logging of return values for some API
(#xx) refers to resolved bug tracker issues. See



Téléchargement : Cemu 1.20.1c

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Posté 01 août 2020 - 14:15



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Merci pour la news
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Posté 01 août 2020 - 14:19




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Thanks merci un véritable plaisir cette emulateur


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Merci pour la news.
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