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Télécharger Cobra Cinavia Tools

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Tout le monde l'a semble-t-il remarqué, la grande tendance constatée sur la scène en ce moment, ce sont les CFW Cobra hybrides. Ceux-ci se faisant de plus en plus nombreux, la sortie aujourd'hui d'un nouvel utilitaire à destination de ces fameux CFW n'étonnera donc personne.

Qu'est-il au fait ce mystérieux utilitaire ? Une série de fichiers sur Playstation 3 qui vous permettra de désactiver (ou d'activer d'ailleurs) la protection Cinavia empêchant la lecture de contenus multimédias non autorisés. L'arrivée de Cinavia Tools sur CFW Rogero 4.46 v7.0 constitue donc une bonne nouvelle pour tous les amateurs de films sur support Blu-Ray.

UPDATE for Cobra Cinavia BD Disable

Ok now I have added Habib's BD Cinavia removal as well. Now this seems to be hit or miss for disc but it has worked for me on a copy of Smurfs 2 I dumped myself and made. It has some other stuff in there as well because it is a plugin and if you install just this it would disable all your other plugins. So as of 12/21/2013 this has the latest and great of each of the following plugins that will be installed.

webMAN 1.26 [Update # 2]
Habib's BD Cinavia Bypass
PSNPatch v1.06

It will install all plugins to hdd0:/plugins and replace your boot_plugins.txt file. You might want to remove your plugins from hdd0:/ root but is not needed. It will also install a new folder called on hdd0:/ called


It contains prepNTFS.v1.01.self so you can execute it without having the app installed to prep NTFS drives via multiMAN OS with a simple press of the X button to prep your HDD. The last thing it will do is alphabatize your game section of your XMB if you don't have this neat little hack done already instead of them showing by date installed by Bahamut Lord.

If you want to remove any of these features simply extract the contents of the zip file delete what you want removed (nothing really should need to be done as they are all great features and this will stop any conflicts with this one tiny zip file) anyhow once removed zip all the folders backup and rename properly.

BD Cinavia Removal, webMAN Update, PSN Patch Pack

I also updated my Cinavia 4.46 removal pack to also update your CA.CER files to 4.53 files for good measure as another users requested this. Not a needed update and bitsbubba's tool set does this as well so it is here if you ar einterested is all but again not needed and nothing has changed with the actual Cinavia removal just updating the CA.CER files for online use to help mask your online status. Figured it would be good to add since I have added PSNPatch as well to help you stay hidden from the Giant Enemy Crab S*O*N*Y I hope you all enjoy.

Cobra 4.46 Cinavia Removal [Update #1] & 4.53 CA.CER File Replacement

Install as usual, place the zip file(s) on a HDD/USB drive and go into multiMAN OS and simply press X on each file to install. Then simply reboot and enjoy!!

For those interested I will be working on my PSN PKG to PS3 ISO (without need for rap/edat/reActPSN) tutorial tonight and tomorrow and have it ready by Monday at the very latest.

Also I did not write any of these tools, I only put them together for easy install for you all. Thanks for this goes out to KW, BahumatLord, Habib, bitsbubba & deank for all there work and giving me the ability to share these with you all. Without them this would not have been possible.

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