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La Team Wasabi publie aujourd'hui, une mise à jour de leur émulateur. Le Wasabi 360 Ultra v1.1 apporte donc son lot d'amélioration, et et tente de rivaliser avec son concurent, le Xkey. La Team nous confirme que Wasabi 360 Ultra est compatible avec le récent Firmware 2.0.13604.0 sorti il y a quelques jours. Le support des jeux AP25 est également confirmé, il n'y a donc pas de changement dans le fichier ap25.bin.


Change log :


- Ajout d'options de configuration avancée via le fichier wasabi.xml

- Les ISOs sont montés directement au démarrage (configurable)

- Ejecter wasabi pour faire apparaître la liste des ISO après le démarrage (configurable)

- Ajour de la fonction blocage des mises à jour. (configurable)

- L' ISO le plus récent est affiché en haut de liste (configurable)

- Vous pouvez désormais spécifier un dossier quelconque sur votre disque dur à partir duquel Wasabi ira chercher les ISO (configurable)

- Différents réglages de stabilité et de performance

- L'affichage des jaquette est actuellement en phase de test (elle sera incluse dans la version 1.2)


Team Wasabi :




We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.1 which includes the following changes:

Added advanced configuration options, manipulated through the new wasabi.xml file

Changed the default boot behaviour - now the previously used ISO file will be automatically mounted at boot, rather than the "mixed media" ISO list. Simply "eject" Wasabi in the usual manner in order to bring up the ISO list after boot. This behaviour can be configured (and thus reverted to the previous system) via wasabi.xml

Added an update blocker feature, which prevents Xbox dashboard updates from being initiated from a Wasabi mounted ISO file. This is enabled by default, although it can be configured via wasabi.xml. We recommend that you leave this enabled at all times; if you wish you update your Xbox dashboard then you should do so with Wasabi in pass-through mode, launching the update either from Xbox live or from a USB stick

The Wasabi ISO list has always had a feature where the most recently mounted ISO will be shown at the top of the list. From this release, this feature can be toggled on and off via wasabi.xml

You can now specify any arbitrary folder on your HDD from which Wasabi should list ISO files, once again configured via wasabi.xml

Various stability and performance tweaks

In addition to this, we've added an ISO thumbnail feature to the Wasabi 360 Ultra on-screen ISO menu. This feature is currently undergoing BETA testing and will be included in the v1.2 firmware release, due out in a few days. The v1.1 firmware release can be found in the downloads page. An updated user guide reflecting the above changes will be released shortly.


Finally, we can confirm that Wasabi 360 Ultra is compatible with the recently released 2.0.13604.0 system software update. The AP25 challenge table did not change with this dashboard update and thus, there is no change to the ap25.bin file.



Team Wasabi.



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