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Télécharger PS3 Cheat Enabler v1.4.1

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Blazie151 met à jour son application et  nous propose la version 1.4.1 de PS3 Cheat Enabler.

Grâce à PS3 Cheat Enabler, éditez le Eboot.bin de vos jeux Ps3 afin d'activer vos codes de triches, vous pourrez en quelques clics activer ou désactiver ces codes. Une notice explicative est intégrée au soft.


Aujourd'hui, je (Blazie151) vous propose la version tant attendue de mon application : PS3 Cheat Enabler v1.4.1. Elle comporte quelques sérieuses améliorations du code ce qui augmente ainsi les performances, correction de certains bugs, fonctionne sous XP (peut-être encore quelques bug mais nous manquons de testeurs ), beaucoup plus de jeux compatibile, une nouvelle version de la base de données de codes triche, de nouvelles astucespour les jeux déjà pris en charge.


Il y avait une erreur dans la version v1.4. la Version 1.4.1 est un correctif. Le bog était un problème avec la création du pkg, passé inaperçu dans les tests. Apparemment, j'ai besoin de quelques nouveaux testeurs, parce que c'était un bug assez grand. Désolé pour la gêne occasionnée.


PS3 Cheat Enabler v1.4.1

Change Log :


New features in this release:

- SFO creation and patching is all done within this application now, instead of calling out to another application to do it. It's now creating a new param.sfo from scratch, using any pertinent values from the original param that it can. By doing it this way it's fixing a ton of current compatibility issues (like with Star Ocean and Ninja Gaiden 2). It's not using a generic value for certain things like resolution and sound format either, so it should clear up a lot of issues there and make it virtually future proof.

- New version of unself included. This version is capable of creating elfs from already modified bins made with make_self. This will cut down on "Error creating elf" errors greatly.

- Key folder fixes. Now, you have 4 folders to choose from to place your keys, and they will be copied to the folder they should remain at during the first run. Choices are [userprofile]\.ps3, [userprofile]\ps3keys, [applicationfolder]\.ps3, and [applicationfolder]\ps3keys. This information is shown when the application launches if none are found, and displays the exact folders for your individual computer.

- Eboot fixing is now supported within this application. This means that eboots made for firmwares newer than 3.41 or 3.55 can be patched during creation instead of having A LOT on manual work needed after creation. Eboot patched for 3.41 work perfect for 3.55. At this time there is still no support for eboot fixing of 3.60 games do to the keys not being released yet.

- Performance enhancements. I optimized thousands of lines of code, making the application run much faster.

- Status bug fix. Status was not displayed until the process was finished. Status is now shown in real time.

- Various other small bug fixes.

- XP compatibility (Still not 100% tested, working perfectly on 2 testers' PCs). There seemed to be a permissions error when using XP and trying to delete certain temp files. This issue was caused by the .NET framework. I solved this by ignoring errors when attempting to delete certain problem files. Make sure you manually clean out any leftover files from your output directory when using XP.


To do:

- Listen to some peers and get ideas on what else this application could use.

- Add tabs for other functions this application could have that would help streamline creating cheat eboots (such as update pkg extraction and firmware fixes for other files besides the eboot.bin)



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