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The famous developer Attila never ceases to provide us updates of its utility "Pimp my Wii". This utility is still considered as one of the references in the hack of Wii consoles. With its great range of tools and incredible stability, this soft has nothing to prove, Pimp My Wii is now a must have and a major choice for many users.

It is through the Wii-Info website, that a new version stamped 3.02 has been released online. The homebrew is already very powerful, so this soft only provides an optimization related to cIOS d2x.

Changelog :

- Correction of cIOS d2x v10 beta52's installation for using it with in emulated NAND. Thanks to Actar for reporting troubleshooting.

Monday 30 September 2013, 16:57 by iomedes.
Source : wii-info
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