XeBuild GUI 2.091 : Support for the 16537 update

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Xbox 360
Swizzy, become essential to the Xbox 360 scene, proposes us an update of its software Nand Builder xeBuild GUI. As a reminder, xeBuild GUI allows the creation of hacked nands with different Dashboards, the creation of ECC images to boot XeLL and then, recover the CPU key, and many other features ...

This update brings support, among other, of kernel 16537, the update of XeLL reloaded, xeBuild and Dashlaunch.

Changelog :

- Updated: Now using xeBuild GUI 1.08
- Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.08
- Updated: Now building 2.0.16537.0
- Updated: Now using XeLL-Reloaded v0.993 which supports video on corona!
- Updated: CB identification list has been updated to support all current versions for identification… and there was a bugfix with the falcon one (4766 should be 5766)

Monday 02 September 2013, 13:09 by iomedes.
Source : www.homebrew-connection.org
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