Nintendont : Crediar gives explanations on his Gamecube emulator for Wii U

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After interesting E3 conference rich in surprises and twists, the news from the hack, continues. After hearing from the major developers of the scene that the Gamecube on Wii U would be impossible, now, Crediar back on stage with a little gift.
Nintendont is the name of his project in progress. Already some people possess the hack, for which one Crediar gives us more details.

- GC games can be launched on Wii as well as on Wii U.
- This process will required a PS3 controller or a USB controller. The compatibility of your USB controller can be checked here :
- It is possible that the Wiimote / Classic controllers are never recognized.
- Virtual memory cards will also be used, such as NMM (No More Memorycards).
- Audio bugs will be corrected (it wasn't the case for DIOS MIOS).
- There is no integrated "anti-hack" function as we can find in DIOS MIOS.
- Beta version is already released to a little number of V.I.P.

We can only applaud his work and philosophy. It only remains to test the beta version of Nintendont.

Wednesday 19 June 2013, 17:24 by iomedes.
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