BwE NOR Validator v1.30

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Playstation 3

The developer BwE, responsible for many utilities for hacked Playstation 3, announced some time ago pausing his works, finding unnecessary to release new versions. It seems that it has gone back on its decision and propose us, today, a new version of its most famous utility "BwE NOR Validator".

for information, this program, available on Windows, will allow you to check the validity of your various dumps NOR flash. This checking is essential if you want to flash your console or if you are cautious and prefer to keep a backup of your memory.

However, keep in mind that no application is able to validate a dump with a zero error rate ! BwE NOR Validator can therefore indicate that a dump is valid even when it is not, or vice versa. The best solution will be, in all cases, to check munually before flashing a dump that could be invalid. To do this, this page may help you PS3Devwiki.

utilization :

1) Place the bin files you need in the same folder as the utility.

2) Run the program and click on "Start".

3) The program will then ask you to select the dump. Select it and then, choose if you want patch it or not.

4) Wait a few minutes.

5) At the end of the scan, press the Enter key to close the window of results and return to the exit folder.

Changelog :

- The eid, ICAD and ccsd validations have been completely rewritten.
- Update of several validations.
- The purpose of this update was the arrival of Nand Validator

Download BwE NOR Validator 1.30

Friday 14 June 2013, 12:50 by artik.
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