Multiman 04.20.04 : support of CFW 4.40

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Playstation 3

The updates of Multiman strung inexorably. This loader, now become a must for PS3 hacked owners, has for main function to allow you to run your backups of PS3 games. It provides a compatibility with a wide range of titles, if not all. Theor display in the homebrew is very neat and aesthetically and can be done in different ways. You can choose between a coverflow style to WiiFlow or a more simplistic style in list form.
Besides all this, Multiman has many other functions. A file browser to perform file transfers between hard drives is available as well as a FTP client to allow copies using FTP. Finally, Multiman is also launching all video formats through its association with Showtime video player, the opportunity to enjoy the games "retro" but also PS1 games using emulators integrated and more yet!

This version is a version of Multiman UPDATE. Also, it is necessary that you have previously installed versions of BASIC or FULL Multiman 4.20.00.

This version of Multiman is an UPDATE version. Also, it's necessary that you have previously installed BASE or FULL versions of Multiman 04.20.00.


Dean's quote :


The online version of mM has been updated to support CFW 4.40. Rogero/Rebug can use it to test their firmwares, which the release will be very soon. mM does not have the LV2 protection memory patched in the LV1 but every other functions are there: BD, DYNAREC, payload, backups PSX, backups PS3, etc...  videos region change.
edit : LV1 patches LV1 are also added. Direct-disc-access and PS1 backups have to now work, including the rest.
edit 2 : the online version of mM is now entirely  compatible with the CFW 4.40.
edit 3 : mM has been fully tested on the CFW 4.40 and everything is functional.


Changelog :


- Support of CFW 4.40.

Sunday 24 March 2013, 20:41 by Nickaardo.
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