CFW Rogero 4.30 CEX v2.05 available on download *UPDATE*

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As usual, Rogero offers a very regular follow of its custom firmwares by offering today a version 2.04 of its CFW 4.30 CEX. This CFW requires the console to be in 3.55 OFW, CFW 3.55, CFW 4.21 or CFW 4.30 and to fulfill certain criteria told below. It must be installed carefully following the tutorial, otherwise you'll expose you to the possibility of higher brick.

MD5: 91fb63b42b9d3e24a29478a71524de64
Size: 192 MB (201,611,904 bytes)

Changelog v2.05 :

* Changed the [app_home/PS3_GAME] IPF Name and Icon to show as "ToolBox" now so we don't have duplicate "IPF" entries on XMB.
* Added the Cinavia Patched Video Player module to disable the Cinavia Protection on HDD based content ( Credits to Team Rebug for the module )
* Added the new patches that allowed the return of the Original "*Install Package Files" and "Install All Packages", Credits to Szalay and "hidden Man".
* Updated Dean's "*Install Package files" (Toolbox in v2.05) on [app_home] to the latest version that doesn't requires additional HDD space or a PS3 Restart anymore.
* All the previous features of version 2.03 are all preserved.


This CFW being still fresh, if you install it, be sure to do a dump of your flash and to carefully follow the installation tutorial. In addition, the risk of bricks is always present so be careful. In any case, Logic-Sunrise won't be held responsible for damages that your console may have!


1- This CFW has LV1 checks disabled and can be installed on a downgraded PS3, even if the console has been dehashed, so the Reset Syscon has not been made. For those who still need to dehash, follow "Enable QA Flag" part below.
CFW a les vérifications du LV1 désactivées et peut donc être installé sur une PS3 downgradée, même si la console n'a été déhashée, c'est-à-dire que le Reset Syscon n'a pas été effectué. Pour ceux qui auraient tout de même encore besoin de déhasher, suivez la partie "Activation du QA Flag" un peu plus bas.

2- Always do a backup of your NOR/Nand with the help of multiMAN, memdump, Preloader Advance, etc. before installing any CFW, to have a backup to restore in case of brick.
Avoir un dump de NOR/Nand valide est une étape indispensable avant la mise à jour car cela vous permettra d'avoir toujours un moyen de restaurer votre flash (à l'aide de flashers hardware).
** Un flash hardware tout seul, sans dump valide, ne peut pas réparer un brick de PS3**

3- The QA flag has to be always enabled on your PS3 so update or downgrade operations are safer. Link ----> toggle_qa.pkg

4- Always check that MD5 from the PUP file downloaded corresponds to the one indicated in the news before installing any CFW, to avoid any risk of brick.

5- DO NOT LET A DISC IN THE PS3 WHEN UPDATING A FIRMWARE. Because, PS3 will first look for the update on the disc.

6- You need to be on OFW 3.55 or on CFW 3.55/CFW 4.21/CFW 4.30 to install this CFW. It's simply impossible to make it from any official firmware 3.56+.

Update from a OFW 3.55/CFW 3.55/CFW 4.21/CFW 4.30 to the CFW Rogero 4.30 v2.05 :

- Download the file.
- Rename PUP as "PS3UPDAT.PUP" if it hasn't been done and copy it on a USB key formated in FAT32 with the following tree: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP".
- Once on your PS3 as OFW 3.55/CFW 3.55/CFW 4.21/CFW4.30, go to option "system update" of the XMB and install it CFW Rogero 4.30 v2.05.
- Processus finished, you are now on CFW Rogero 4.30 v2.05.

Downgrade/back on 3.55 after the installation of a CFW 4.21/4.30 :

- Download PUP 4.25 downgrader ---> 4.25 Downgrader mirror --->4.25 Downgrader Size : 176MB (184,595,263 bytes) MD5 : 49d80e07fc1f5ca1b0840e02e94635db
- Rename the download file as "PS3UPDAT.PUP" and copy it on your USB key in order to have the following tree : "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP"
- When you are on CFW 4.30 Rogero, go to system update on XMB and install PUP downgrader.
- Installation of CFW downgrade done, you are on CFW 3.55 hybride which will still display the version 4.21/4.30 in system settings.
- Enable QA Flag by following these instructions :

1 - Download Rebug QA_Toggle package from here ---> toggle_qa.pkg
2 - Put "toggle_qa.pkg" on your USB key and install it on your PS3.
3 - Launch "Rebug Toggle QA" from XMB, the screen will go black and you will see the LED of HDD flashing. Then, if all went well, you will hear 2 or 3 beeps and the PS3 will restart on the XMB.
4 - If you want to be sure that QA Flag has been enabled, go to "Network Settings" and make ​​the following key combination (all at once):

L1 + L2 + L3 (press the left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_bas

Vous devriez voir Edy Viewer, Debug Settings et Install Package Files si cela a été fait correctement.

- Now, put CFW Rogero 3.55 CEX v3.7 on your USB key in order to meet the following tree : "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" ---> CFW Rogero 3.55 CEX v3.7
- Start PS3 in Recovery menu and install CFW Rogero 3.55 CEX v3.7 (to be done from Recovery menu, it's important !)
- Once the installation done, you are now back on CFW Rogero 3.55 CEX v3.7.
- Start PS3 in Recovery Menu and install OFW/CFW 3.55 of your choice or a new CFW 4.21 or 4.30.
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