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As usual, Rogero offers a very regular follow of his custom firmwares by offering today a 2.03 version of his CFW 4.30 CEX. This CFW requires that the console is on OFW 3.55, CFW 3.55, CFW 4.21 or CFW 4.30 and that it fulfills certain criteria explaining below. It has to be installed by following carefully the tutorial, otherwise you'll expose yourself to a possibility of higher brick.

MD5: 5f7434a46f7909689b00558a06071689
Size: 192 MB (201,591,424 bytes)

Features v2.03:

* Rebuilt from scratch using OFW4.30 files only (no DEX/SEX files) with official XMB and full features working as in OFW4.30
* All known problems like XMB icons sorting and Demo Mode issues from previous versions are now gone with the use of the official XMB.
* New Improved "Install Package Files" Application added to XMB instead of using the traditional DEX Icon, to have a 100% original XMB.
* Once the PS3 is booted, select the [app_home/PS3_GAME] Icon and It will change automatically to [* Install Package Files]
* If you load a Game from multiMAN it will still be redirected and shown under the same [app_home/PS3_GAME] Icon
* After loading a Game, you can restart the PS3 again to have [* Install Package Files] back on XMB
* You can also Install the new stand-alone XMB application from Deank --> [* Install Package Files] to have it showing permanently on XMB.
- [* Install Package Files] function supports:
--- up to 256 pkg files
--- split pkg files
--- sorting
--- queued PKG indication (in red)
--- multipart (split) PKG indication (in yellow)
--- copy/transfer progress
--- Scanned locations: /dev_usb*** /dev_hdd0 /dev_bdvd in /PKG /packages and root folders
--- Split files format: .0 - .63 / .66600 - .66663 / .001 - .064
* CFW Structure fixed to match the OFW 4.xx Structure:
--- No more corrupted data error messages while Installing from XMB or Recovery Menu.
--- The CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over any OFW3.55/CFW3.55/CFW4.21/CFW4.30.
--- HDD can be swapped/changed and the CFW4.30 v2.03 will re-install without any problem.
* Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection.
* Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support to replace hvc 182/183 (multiMAN Direct Disc Access is now working fine with CFW4.30 v2.03)
* Patched LV1 to disable SYSTEM MANAGER INTEGRITY CHECK (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
* Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
* The CFW can be used directly for Downgrading with Hardware flashers /Flashing from FSM/Exiting from FSM, all works fine.
* Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support. (for both LV1 and LV2)
* Patched VSH to enable ReActPSN compatibility (Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files, Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat)
* Spoofed the system version to latest OFW version 4.31.
* PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current "passphrase" still the same.
* Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed.
* It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed
* Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games).
* Current 3.55 homebrew applications can't be loaded on this CFW, applications must be re-signed properly for FW4.21/4.30


This CFW being still fresh, if you install it, be sure to do a dump of your flash and to follow carefully the installation tutorial. In addition, the bricks risk is still present so be careful. In no case, Logic-Sunrise will be held responsible of damages that your console could suffer !


1- This CFW does have LV1 checks disabled and can be installed on Downgraded PS3 consoles even if not dehashed after downgrade. Just in case anyone still need to dehash, see the tutorial available below.

2- Always make a NOR/Nand dump using multiMAN before installing any CFW to have a recovery backup in case of any bricks.
Having a valid NOR/Nand dump is an essential step before upgrading, because you will always have a chance to recover when you have a valid dump.
** A Hardware Flasher alone without a valid dump may not fix your bricked PS3 **

3- The QA flag is better to be always Enabled on your PS3 for safer upgrading/downgrading operations. Link ----> toggle_qa.pkg

4- Please Check the MD5 of the downloaded PUP file before installing any CFW to avoid possible bricks.

5- DO NOT HAVE DISC IN PS3 WHEN UPDATING FIRMWARES..As the PS3 will take the UPDATE from the DISC First.

6- You need to be already on a 3.55OFW or 3.55CFW/4.21CFW/4.30CFW to install this. Installing from any OFW > 3.55 won't work. (Hardware Flasher needed)

Updating from OFW3.55/CFW3.55/CFW4.21/CFW4.30 to the CFW4.30 v2.03 :

- Download the PUP.
- Rename the downloaded file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP" and put it on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP".
- While on your OFW3.55/CFW3.55/CFW4.21/CFW4.30, go to System Update from XMB and install the CFW4.30 v2.03.
- Now you are on CFW Rogero 4.30 v2.03.

Downgrading back to 3.55 :

- Download the Downgrader PUP ---> Downgrader PUP mirror --->Downgrader PUP
...Size 176MB (184,595,263 bytes) MD5: 49d80e07fc1f5ca1b0840e02e94635db
- Rename the downloaded file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP" and put it on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP"
- While on Rogero CFW4.30, go to System Update from XMB and install the Downgrader PUP.
- After the Downgrader PUP installs you'll be on a hybrid CFW3.55 that will still shows ver4.21/4.30 from system settings.
- Enable QA flag by following these steps:

1- Download the Rebug QA_Toggle package from here ---> toggle_qa.pkg
2- Put the "toggle_qa.pkg" on USB and Install it on the PS3.
3- Run the "Rebug Toggle QA" from XMB, the screen will go Black and you will see HDD Led activity then if all went fine you will hear 2 or 3 Beeps and the PS3 will Restart back to XMB.
4- If you want to make sure QA flag was set, go to "Network Settings" then apply the following key combo (all at the same time):

L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down

You should see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files if done correctly.

- Now put "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" ---> Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP
- Start the PS3 into Recovery Menu and install "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" (from Recovery Menu, this is important)
- Once you're back on Rogero CFW3.55 v3.7 Start the PS3 into Recovery Menu and install any CFW 3.55/4.21/4.30.
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