J-Runner v02 Beta 269: the Xecuter's team tool is updated for the RGH 2 *Update*

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Xbox 360
J-Runner is a simple all-in-one application that integrates with Xebuild to read/create and write xbox 360 nand images for the reset glitch and Jtag hack. It has been developed with the end user in mind to make the entire process intuitive, simple and seamless from start to finish.

Integrated features:

- CPU Key functions – Get key over http and integrated cpu key database
- DashLaunch ini Creator
- Automated file save feature – saves files from each console to a folder based on console serial
- Automatic Remapping of bad blocks before creating ECC image (first 50 blocks)
- Integrated image building functions with no reliance on python
- Read, write and compare nand images independent of nandpro
- Automated update notification – always have the latest version, when available (requires Internet connection)
- Patch nand (change DVD Key, Drive OSIG and region)
- Manually alter Lock Down Values (LDV – for Xebuild use)
- And lots more to find out……(read the changelog below)


- .Net framework 3.5
- Xecuter Nand-X (with drivers installed) or upcoming JR-Programmer
- CoolRunner (RGH Only)
- Nand-X to CR programming cable (RGH Only) or LPT to CR Programming cable
- Soldering Skills
- Brains

J-Runner v02 Beta 269 changelog:

- fixed incompatibility error on XP

J-Runner v02 Beta 268 changelog:

- Layout change
- added RGH2 support for 14717 > phats
- added RGH2 Wiring images
- added RGH2 xsvf files
- added ARM 2 support
- added JR-Programmer support
- added LPT support (for coolrunner programming only)
- added Xebuild options editing screen
- added sounds on Success and Failure conditions (editable)
- added Xell-Reloaded on JTAG - for HDMI support during CPU key retrieval etc
- added bad blocks tab for full check of bad blocks
- added .dll usage
- added support for updating jtags of any wiring (creating aud_clamp, Open_tray updated images etc)
- added new icon
- added reporting console LDV in log during CpuKey grab over network
- removed Xellous use on JTAG
- improved update method
- improved advanced nand/CR functions in
- improved changelog retrieval
- some minor bug fixes

Download J-Runner v02 Beta (269) Core Pack: http://www.mediafire...4p48i4dehbb4wdi
Download 14719 Files: http://bit.ly/Jml0vg
Download 14717 Files: http://bit.ly/yhrUwD
Download 14699 Files: http://bit.ly/yYmKva

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