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Playstation 3
MultiMAN v04.60.00 : payload for CFW 4.60
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Xbox 360
New Xbox 360 update : 16756
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Wii / Wii U
Wiikey U : opening of the Pre-orders soon
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Smealum, which needs no introduction, has recently confirmed on Twitter that the execution of code on the 3DS firmware 7.x was now possible and that tests are underway for the 8.0 firmware :

so code exec on 7.x is a go. won't be able to test on 8.0 for another week or so unfortunately but things are looking up !

Presumably the hackers involved in the 3DS still have a few tricks in their bag and that Nintendo will not win as easily as expected, since the Gateway team has also announced that there is little compatibility with the latest firmware emunand...
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 17:34 by iomedes. Read 23 times
Playstation 3
Here is the so awaited MultiMAN update ! CFW 4.60 are now supported and this is the only novelty. itself, it is not really surprising, MultiMAN is already excellent. Indeed, updates after updates, its developer, Deank, never stopped to improve performances of its backup manager formerly designed from Open Manager, Simple AVCHD and File Manager.
Today, you can, with MultiMAN run your PS3 games backups, browse HDD files from your console, play your AVCHD videos, and enjoy various plugins aavilable (Showtime for playing multimedia contents and several emulators for retro games, for example).

Changelog :

* Added support for CFW 4.60

* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE CEX (20140712).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE DEX (20140712).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 STEALTH (20140712).zip
* webMAN_1.30.zip (cobra/cappi/standard versions)

Download Multiman 04.60.00 (base)
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 16:04 by iomedes. Read 40 times
Playstation 3
We can't stop AldosTools ! Here is, once again, a v3.12 for IrisMan. It features a display of the HDD free space for all HDD and minors bug fixes.
Changelog :

Changelog 3.12 (Jul 11/2014)
- Added display of free disk space for all devices on File Manager.
- Fixed issue creating LV1 / LV2 in File Manager: Dumps will be created on the selected device.
- Fixed issue that limited some functions on File Manager by Parental Control.
- Added French & Spanish translation to some labels on Global menu. (Thanks to littlebalup)

Changelog 3.11 (Jul 11/2014)
- Merged mamba with updates by Joonie for 4.46DEX (Rebug).
- Added fix ATTRIBUTE for games with PS3_EXTRA.
- Fixed bug in prxloader.self.

We also thank littlebalup, member of LS, for the translation update
Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=250&fid=1496
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 15:55 by iomedes. Read 13 times
Playstation 3
With the arrival of the CFW 4.60, it is logical that the reActPSN updates itself. It enables different content such as games or PSN downloadable content without having to connect to the SEN. This revision brings a lot of corrections.

Changelog :

- Fixed CFW4.60 new crash bug when connected some USB storage.
- Added support backup games from internal folder GAMEZ.
- Fixed CFW4.60 DLC 0x80010038 error.

Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=126&fid=1494
Monday 21 July 2014, 10:03 by iomedes. Read 55 times
Playstation 3

The Cobra team never stops. Its famous Blu-Ray emulator has a very followed development for our greatest happiness. It is through their official team developers, they announce today, the release of new versions of their programs. As the arrival of each new update, what's up, now ?

Found with this update many bug fixes and adding configuration files.

- Cobra ODE available on the LSstore at this address
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Fat (version PATA)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Fat (version SATA)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Slim (2k)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 SuperSlim
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : settings and launch of ISO
Changelog :

* FPGA 1 : Fix AES encryption timing issues causing some encryption errors
* FPGA 3 : Improve stability
* V5.x boards : Update USB driver
* V5.x boards : Fix race condition on USB reads causing error
* Add support for bypass.delay configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps3_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps2_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps1_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.bd_movies configuration option
* Add support for folders.dvd_movies configuration option
* Fix issue with uninitialized configuration on ODE boot causing software pass-through mode to be enabled by default until valid HDD is inserted
* Change default manager type to browser
* Set eject.on_selection=1 option as default
* Set eject.add_menu=1 option as default
* Set mcu.underclock=1 option as default
* Fix issue of disc not showing if PS3 boots with a BD-RE disc in tray
* Display firmware version in XMB when using the browser
* Fix bypass method freezing for 4k systems with MPX001 motherboards

Download links :
    - For all PCB : Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1 , Mirror 1, Mirror 2
    - Chipset M2S025 only : Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1
Thanks to Kloe17 for the information.

Friday 18 July 2014, 09:40 by iomedes. Read 183 times
Xbox 360
After the unexpected exit of the dashboard Aurora (in english only) and noting that many people seem to enjoy it, I thought a small French translation would be nice : D To get the translation files, here is the procedure :

1) You should have Aurora. If it's not the case, download it here ici then install it.
2) Download archive available below and uncompress its content at the root of the Aurora file.
3) Enjoy Aurora in french !

Download link : Mediafire
Friday 11 July 2014, 21:28 by iomedes. Read 313 times
PS Vita Psp
The PSP developer Rahim-US has again updated the (L) ME Custom Firmware for PSP. After his previous update, this new release fixes a bug in the "Hide CFW dirs" function. The next update will add the function "[i] downgrade via version.txt" [/ i], but it will have to wait because he has problems on some models (09g/07g). CFW This is considered as one of the best PSP by many users.

Changelog :

- Fixed ‘hide Custom Firmware dirs’ function for the game Evangelion Jo

Download link :
6.20 ME-2.2 / 6.20 ME-2.2 (OFW Version) / 6.20 LME-2.2
6.39 ME-10.2 / 6.39 ME-10.2 (OFW Version) / 6.39 LME-10.2
6.60 ME-2.2 / 6.60 ME-2.2 (OFW Version) / 6.60 LME-2.2
Friday 11 July 2014, 14:37 by iomedes. Read 177 times
The Gateway team has reacted after the 3DS update 8.x . They advise us not to update our consoles, and this, because the new firmware blocks EmuNAND. She tells us in the same time that his next firmware will support the EmuNAND of this release.

Latest system update 8.x

Posted on July 8, 2014

You may have noticed that system firmware 8.0.0 has recently been released.
We have analysed this update and we want to advise our users the following:

- Currently do not update emunand to this version as it will not boot. Old emunand versions (7.x or lower) will keep booting fine.
- If you did update emunand, do not worry. Our next firmware update will bring your updated emunand back to life.
- This update uses the same encryption as 7.x, only applied to more system processes which prevents emunand booting.
- We are still on track on getting our next firmware out, this update does not change much in our game plan.

Thank you for your patience once again and as always ENJOY.

Thanks to Exynos for the information.
Wednesday 09 July 2014, 11:58 by iomedes. Read 155 times
A new video about the R4 3DS Deluxe Edition is available on the YouTube channel r4ids.cn. After a firmware for its linker stamped v4.0b1, the new firmware seems to copy at 100% the Gateway's MultiRom.

To recap, the 4.0b2 firmware must provide these functions :

- Multi-ROM
- EmuNand
- Eshop en ligne

The video is particularly badly filmed, and do not show all the linker, what can we think about it ? The R4ids team announced the availability of the firmware within 2 weeks.
Tuesday 08 July 2014, 18:59 by iomedes. Read 136 times
Nintendo just put online a new version of firmware for its handheld console, the 3DS. Stamped 8.0.0-18E, it provides no novelty, despite the change in number of "major" version. Remains to know the real reason, that is to say one that interests us : there he has code included to counter the linkers or flaws ?

Since no linker (MT-CARD or Gateway) does offer a EmuNAND to 7.2.0-17 version, it will surely be the same for this new revision.

Tuesday 08 July 2014, 18:53 by iomedes. Read 94 times
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